September 21, 2014 – Issue #1,098

> Something To Ponder <

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.

– Ben Franklin –

> Tip of the Day <

Built-In Financing: Many tenants would like to rent-to-own but fear being unable to get bank financing in the future. Make your deals more attractive by building in terms under which you will owner-finance a property.

> News that Matters <

  • Big Seller is Watching: how a NANNY CAM can derail your sale (and cost you big bucks)
  • Bad Investment: how ROTTEN REAL ESTATE is costing firemen and police officers millions
  • Government & Politics: the DISGUSTING BREACH OF TRUST perpetrated by our alleged government “watchdogs” ON VETERANS
  • Business News: HACKED! (again) – the HUGE MISTAKE you could be making when using credit and debit cards