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Got a cute little butterfly tattoo on your wrist that your mother told you you’d regret someday? Well, if you wanted an Apple (APPL) iWatch, today could be the day. Apple confirmed on its website this past week that the iWatch is not necessarily able to “read through” tattoos and other “permanent or temporary changes to your skin” in order to access vital signs like heart rate. “The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings,” Apple reported[1].

Fortunately for people with discreet – and not-so-discreet – wrist tattoos, a simple trip to the Apple Store before purchasing your new iWatch will resolve the issue one way or the other. However, Apple is facing some pretty negative publicity from a skin-color-conscious media that is busy wondering aloud, “Does Apple have a problem with skin color?” and other, similar questions. BEIL readers of all nationalities who love Apple can breathe easy, however. It’s the ink that causes the problem, not skin pigmentation, so the iWatch works just fine on black people and other ethnicities with darker skin tones![2]

At time of publication, Apple was trading slightly up at $128.95 after falling nearly 10 dollars earlier last week. Do you think Apple is still a good investment? Do you want an iWatch? Are you offended that the iWatch won’t work if you have tattoos on your wrist?

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  1. LC says:

    Another reason why no one should get tattoos. Health becomes a problem also. Our bodies were not created to be filled with ink or anything that is a chemical that is an obstacle for the body. They might look cool or cute but the consequences are not worth it.

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