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When it comes to customer satisfaction, some companies are better than others. No one, however, does it worse than Time Warner Cable, at least according to the latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)[1]. According to the ACSI, Time Warner earned just 51 out of a potential 100 points for its pay-TV service, meaning that just over half of all customers said that they were actually satisfied with the service. Although the entire cable and paid-television industry stunk it up this year when it came to customer satisfaction, Time Warner’s score was the lowest of the low – behind the U.S. Postal Service, cell phone carriers, and airlines.

“There was a time when pay TV could get away with discontented users without being penalized,” observed Claes Fornell, ACSI chairman. However, he added, thanks to myriad alternatives in today’s viewing market, “consumer abandonment of pay TV is shaking up the industry.” Time Warner is presently in talks with Charter Communications and is considering selling to the other cable giant. Charter earned 57 out of 100 for customer satisfaction with its broadband and 63 out of 100 for satisfaction with its pay-TV service.

Another cable company appears to be hoping to appeal to its consumers via additional media outlets in hopes of remedying its dismal scores. DIRECTV is in talks with AT&T, a different type of merger than the Charter-Time Warner deal because the partnership would enable DIRECTV to reach its customers through new technology outlets[2]. “Cable companies are trying to strengthen their positions through consolidation,” said ACSI director David VanAmburg. He noted, however, that in most cases the benefits of such a consolidation would be “questionable.”

Do you like your cable company? Think Time Warner deserves its low score?

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  1. Steve says:

    Cox cable has to be the bottomof the barrel. I have a family member who has their service and internet. Their specialty is having their services set up with local municipalities such as James City county Va which is Williamsburg Va. An upscale retirement location on the peninsula of Va near Va. Beach. Most of it is heavily wooded so satellite dishes are marginal in most subdivisions and there is restrictions for dishes in most of them, ironically this was mandated all at once when developments were being built. Cox has some hefty monthly fees for services, highest I have ever seen anywhere. Can anyone say gotcha? Ripoff big time!

  2. adam says:

    Once had DishTV and the service actually pretty good. Other than an occasional

    outage due to the heavy rain storms in southern NC.

    Also had DirectTV for about 3 days. They have got to be the worst. Alehough TW does give them a run for the money as trying to be even worse.

    Presently have TW. They bought out the contract that I had with Dish. I must really say that might have been one of the most unwise decisions I have ever made.From day one with TW for 6 mos. I have some type of complaint to report; from poor reception with TV signal to phones being out or internet out for days.

    TW and Direct are tied for worst provider in my opinion.

    Now TW has increased the billing ny almost 30%. Highway robbery.

    I am presently switching over to streaming tv thru KodiTV.

    Free streaming will be the future of TV.

  3. G13man says:

    Sad when you hate your internet company
    . Have not needed a cable or satellite tv company ever .[ although digital tv sucks in remote areas ]
    I just know i can live with out the phone thanks to VZ !
    And i would give up the internet if VZ were my only choice

  4. wt says:

    I remember when watching t.v was FREE! All that was needed was local channels and consumers were happy back then just renting movies. I used to have Time Warner and they were too expensive. I hated there tricky packages they offered that most of the time led you to purchase the high rated packages just to be able to watch even 1 of your favorite channels. If I barely had time to watch 1 show each day for maybe an hour or 2, then what makes them think I can watch all 500 channels? Really, these cable companies are ridiculous. Not to mention the phone,internet and cable packaging which you get locked into and you either pay or you have no service on all 3. I decide to let them go. Now I use seperate companies for each service that way I have the power to decide if I want to cancel any 1 or all 3 I really don’t need and save money. Anyway, Time Warner sucks..

  5. Stan says:

    More and more people are “cutting the cord”. There are too many alternatives. Many of the pay channel series are available later on Netflix. The internet provides endless entertainment.
    I told Cox that they will end up being just an internet provider. I cancelled my Cox TV and have just internet, which they try to “upgrade” to a more profitable “higher speed” (I doubt most need it).
    The popularity of cable TV will resume for me when the ESPN monopoly is beaten back and consumers can buy just the channels they want. Every cable TV consumer pays for ESPN whether they want to or not.
    Another great alternative is installing an antenna. I get over 60 channels but not everyone has signal access.And antenna equipment, while not that expensive, is almost exclusively an internet order item. Very few retailers deal with antennas as the demand is small. The cable companies have brainwashed the populace into thinking that cable is the only solution. Free your mind and your pocketbook.

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