3 ways a GARDEN can ADD VALUE to your home

With stay-at-home orders in full effect across much of the country and world, more and more homeowners are finding the value of starting a garden. If you have decided to start a “victory garden” while you are sheltering-in-place, then you could end up enjoying the mental benefits of gardening and a more tangible side effect: an increased home value.

Although most homeowners are starting small home gardens in response to the large amount of free time they have while their employers are shuttered or family members are in isolation, the gardening trend is also a response to a new national cognizance of the food supply chain. This means less reliance on grocery chains for fresh produce, a feeling of self-sufficiency that may help stave off concerns about one’s ability to feed a family, and less potential exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“Even with a small amount of acreage, homeowners are able to grow large gardens – and these assets can reduce the number of trips to the grocery store and reduce your odds of contracting the COVID-19 virus,” explained owner of Advanced Survival Training in Northern Virginia Tim MacWelch[1].

The term “victory garden” originated during World War I, when Americans were urged to grow vegetables anywhere they could as a way to support the country at home and supplement food supplies limited by rationing. The concept resurged during World War II, and is experiencing another bout of popularity today. Seed companies are already reporting a shipping backlog close to a month.

“For a few years now, we’ve seen a heightened interest in edible gardens as the concepts of living a net-zero life, avoiding GMOs, and eating organically appeals to so many people,” said FormLA Landscaping designer Isara Ongwiseth[2].

3 Garden Amenities That Add Real Value to Your Home

If you want to spend your “coronabreak” gardening in ways that will also likely encourage home appreciation, there are specific things that will improve your chances. For example, building a shed could actually be the best use of your time. 82 percent of real estate professionals agreed in a recent House Beautiful report that “a decent-sized shed” is the best garden feature for boosting home value.

Other high-value options will enable you to enjoy your garden when you are not working in it. 76 percent of real estate professionals recommended adding a patio, and 72 percent recommended walls or gates. Not surprisingly, fewer than half recommended artificial turf.

Just remember, once you have started gardening, you cannot necessarily just quit when you feel like it. Otherwise, your property value could suffer.

“A poorly kept and un-maintained garden can negatively affect a buyer/renter’s perception of the property and, in the process, decrease its actual value,” warned one agent.

Are you gardening or doing other DIY home improvement at this time? Are you seeing your tenants want to take part in these activities?

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