CUSTOM PINK INTERIOR could net buyers an extra $50K or LOSE IT for them

If painting your entire home in shades of custom pink would make you feel like you lived in your own personal “gift from God,” you would probably be tempted to take the pink plunge. However, most homeowners would do so considering the unique décor might affect their selling price in a negative way when they listed their home. Not so with the owner of a Texas ranch home with an interior that has been painted and custom-designed with nearly everything in shades of pink, from the kitchen cupboards to the seat of the toilet[1].

The owner proudly filled her home with what she describes simply as “joy” over the years. That joy includes pink poodles, pink polka dots, and gold accent hearts (as well as plenty of pink ones). It also encompasses a multitude of extremely detailed scenes and thematic designs painted on drawers, cupboards, and, yes, at least one toilet seat. The furniture in the home is also themed in pinks, reds, greens and gold and is available for purchase if the homebuyer wishes as are the floral ruffles and other upholstery and curtains.

Priced Too High, Too Low, and Just Right

To the owner of this unique home, the property is priceless. In fact, she makes no bones about her reluctance to sell, noting she would not do so except that her sons have left for college and her husband recently “got in an accident.” She added, “It’s not by choice, honestly. If I had my way and my dream, in a perfect world I wouldn’t have to sell.” She also acknowledged the idea of someone gutting the home or painting over her work “terrifies her” and that she “cried many nights over that.”

This may be the reason the home is priced the way it is: about $50,000 over the median list price in the area. However, the owner is clearly intent on selling; she has reduced the price once already, cutting $35,000 off her asking price[2]. For the right buyer, the additional $50,000 or so could be a small price to pay for the “one-of-a-kind, artistic home with lots of great features,” as the listing describes it[3]. However, similar, more modern homes, are listed and selling for much less.

“I keep the faith. That’s all I do,” said the reluctant seller. Hopefully, by the end of summer she will be headed toward her next blank canvas.

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