Hidden Cameras & Home Showings

You’ve heard of the “nanny cam,” but you may not have heard of the “showing candid camera.” If you haven’t, that probably means that your showing conversations are not upsetting your sellers, because if they were, you’d be out the door and never know what hit you. According to a Bankrate.com survey of sellers active in today’s real estate market, the ease of home surveillance has the number of sellers using undisclosed recording devices to monitor their agents’ performance during showings on the rise.

“It’s curiosity,” said one associate broker, adding that sellers often want to make sure that the agent is presenting the home in a manner with which they are comfortable. It’s also perfectly legal as long as the seller is monitoring their own home. However, some agents and many buyers say that they are not fond of the practice. “No one likes being followed around,” said one agent, adding that buyers may actually opt out of pursuing a sale if the monitoring is detected. “I don’t think homeowners are doing it to be nefarious,” another added, pointing out that such surveillance also can help prevent theft during open houses if buyers are aware that it could be going on.

Do you think that monitoring your home during showings is a good idea? As a real estate professional, would you like it if one of your sellers did this?

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