How much will A BIDET ADD to your home value?

It started out as a joke, but the coronavirus-related toilet-paper shortage now has many homeowners seriously considering installing a bidet in their bathrooms. Real estate professionals are calling bidets the “golden hook” to promoting listings at the moment, although fans of the water feature insist they were already a status symbol in any high-end home.

“We do believe they will be more popular, as [the bidet] is now being incorporated into regular toilets,” said Lori Miller, a New York-based interior designer[1].

Miller noted that many “regular” toilets now include a bidet option, which makes the bidet a more realistic option for homeowners with relatively small bathrooms. In the past, the bidet would be installed as a separate toilet, which is why they were something of a status symbol because they required much larger bathrooms.

How Much Will a Bidet Cost You?

Bidets tend to be slightly more expensive than conventional toilets and may range from $250 to $500 at retail. However, it can cost as much as $700 to have a bidet installed. Bidet toilets often require a separate water line and a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) for installation, which can also add to the up-front expense. Do not consider simply skipping the GFCI, however – otherwise you might end up shocked, literally, on your toilet seat!

If the idea of installing a completely new toilet or set of toilets makes you think twice, there are a number of other options for going paperless in your toilet closet. There are a number of toilet-seat bidet options, including those that come with heaters, remote controls, air dryers, oscillating sprayers, and even adjustable water pressure. Some bidets may even be installed on existing toilet seats as a separate attachment[2].

Returns on Bidets Remain to be Seen in the U.S. Market

Because the United States has not really embraced the bidet, it is difficult to say what the return on installation would be in today’s already unusual housing market. However, in the U.K., the “Bum Gun” estimates a bidet will pay for itself in about 42 days and could generate thousands of pounds in savings over a five-year period just in the cost of toilet paper alone[3].

Would you install a bidet before selling your home?

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